A Letter from the Chair


A Letter from the Chair

Disruption. What first comes to your mind when you think of disruption in the financial services industry? Change?  Fear? Motivation? Competition? Hate it? Love it? Regardless of that first thought, we may call the disrupter lucky; however, you know better than that. You know the key to luck is planning and preparation. Is your company prepared for the opportunities that are coming in 2019 or are you just feeling lucky?

The AACFB continues to bring industry professionals the tools you need to turn disruption into opportunity. This incredible conference brings new brokers and members together with sophisticated commercial finance professionals. What happens when dozens of industry veterans plan and prepare to come back year after year for almost 30 years? What happens when you plan to continually invest in yourself? Prepare to Win Big. Every. Single. Time.

Creative Disruption is coming soon, and we’ve planned for it.

The planning committee has broken the unspoken rules for the first time ever. Providing you, along with hundreds of attendees and members from across the nation, the commercial finance trade secrets: how to get vendor business in the 21
st century; generating inbound business for pennies; turning credit approvals around in minutes instead of hours or days.  Some say the tools you leave with, like networking relationships and sessions alone, are worth tens of thousands. Are you prepared to invest in yourself for the future of commercial financing?

See you there,

Taylor Moseley 
AACFB Annual Conference Chair
General Financial